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Family & Friends / Pictures

You can find other pictures at our old Blog or our new Blog at the homepage of this site
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E-mail : frank (at) wavci (dot) com
Frank Willems (My Son)

He’s born in 1991.
(Photo 1997)

E-mail : nadine (at) wavci (dot) com
Nadine Van Grunderbeeck (My Wife)

(Photo 1997)

E-mail : eddy (at) wavci (dot) com
Eddy Willems (Me)

(Photo 1997)

A Guard …. oh no ehh .. Eddy Willems in front of the Atomium ;-)

Doesn’t that ring a bell for the old Dr Solomon’s users?

Pictures from me and some security/AV friends

This is just a very small summary …
(You can find also loads of pictures from security and AV people at Pavel’s (Baudis) Site)
(or AVAST’s old site or AVAST’s new site)
(and the EICAR Site or the Virus Bulletin Site.)

People are shown with their respective companies which they were working for at the time of the picture-taking …

Me and Dirk Hochstrate(Managing Director G Data Software) in Barcelona, Spain (VB Conf. 2011)

Photo: Unknown

Me and Eugene Kaspersky in Moscow,Russia(VAS 9 Internal Kaspersky Lab Conference – 2008)

Photo: Janneke Scheepers

Me and Jeannette Jarvis(Boeing, shortly afterwards Microsoft) in Montreal,Canada(VB Conf. 2006)

A Microsoft spy is strangling me!!!

Photo: Pavel Luka

Me, a virus expert! Cartoon made in Montreal,Canada (VB Conf. 2006)

Cartoonist: Lafontaine

The traditional Indian food gathering (try to find me) (EICAR Conf. 2006) in Hamburg,Germany

Photo: Andrew Lee

Speakerspicture from the VB Conference 2005 (find me under the VB icon) (VB Conf. 2005) in Dublin,Ireland

Photo: Unknown

Me and my friend Richard Ford(Florida University, former Virus Bulletin Editor) (EICAR Conf. 2005) in Malta

Photo: Jeannette Jarvis

(L->R)Katrin Tocheva(F-Secure), me and Righard Zwienenberg(Norman) in Chicago,US (VB Conf. 2004)

Photo: Manfred Katschner

Me and my French friend Francois Paget(McAfee) (EICAR Conf. 2004) in Luxembourg

Photo: Unknown

Me within the Panel Discussion during the EICAR Conf. 2004 in Luxembourg

(L->R David Perry(TrendMicro), Rainer Fahs(EICAR), Richard Ford(Florida Univ.), me, Sarah Gordon(Symantec) and Vincent Weafer(Symantec))

Photo: Unknown

Me at my desk! Cartoon made in Toronto, Canada (VB Conf. 2003)

Cartoonist: Unknown

Me and my bodyguards ;-) (L->R David Perry(TrendMicro), me and Larry Bridwell(ICSA Labs)) in Copenhagen,Denmark. (EICAR Conf. 2003)

Photo: Righard Zwienenberg

Virus Bulletin People (L->R Jeannette Jarvis(Boeing),Helen Martin(VB Editor),Nina Gaubert(Hi Tech Crime Unit UK), me and Bernadette Disborough(VB)) on a paddle wheeler in New Orleans,US. (VB Conf. 2002)

Photo: Manfred Katzschner

The WildList People in Prague,Czech Rep. (VB Conf. 2001)

Photo: Pavel Baudis

(L->R)Mikko Hypönnen(F-Secure), Igor Muttik(McAfee), Randy Abrams(Microsoft), Righard Zwienenberg(Norman) and his wife (Els), and me in Prague,Czech Rep. (VB Conf. 2001)

Photo: Pavel Baudis

The WildList People in Orlando,US (VB Conf. 2000)

Photo: Ken Bechtel

Sarah Gordon(Symantec),Jimmy Kuo(McAfee) and me in Brussels,Belgium (EICAR Conf. 2000)

Photo: Richard Ford

Me and Harry De Smedt(COO,Unit4-Agresso Holding) at ‘The White House’ in Washington,US (ICSA Conf. 1997)

Photo: Robert Vibert